In our sewing department creativity and technologies come together to bring you a wide range of exceptional quality linen products. Our dedicated team of professionals is well-equipped to handle various sewing projects, catering to a wide array of needs and preferences.

We specialize at sewing linen home textiles, including bed linen, table linen, kitchen and bath towels, curtains and other various home textiles. In addition to our specialization, we also take pride in creating garments for women, men, and children. Our talented team of designers and skilled seamstresses work diligently to bring you a diverse range of stylish and comfortable clothing options.

Our skilled pattern designers digitally create and manipulate patterns, ensuring accuracy in measurements, seam placements and intricate design details. With the utilization of cutting-edge pattern making software, we optimize fabric usage to minimize waste. We ensure that every inch of fabric is utilized efficiently, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable manufacturing practices. Our commitment to minimizing waste not only benefits the planet but also allows us to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

In production process, we employ cutting-edge technology, including the automatic cutting machines, to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the pattern cutting phase. These machines enable us to swiftly and precisely cut a large number of pattern details within a short timeframe.

To ensure efficient production, we have invested in high quality sewing machines and modern conveyor system. It allows us to handle large volumes of orders and meet the demands of our customers. With our streamlined processes and skilled team, we have the capacity to produce from 40 000 to 60 000 pcs. per month depending on product complexity.