Linen curtains by KT

Linen, linen blend fabrics are available in a range of styles, including plain basics, yarn-dyed, striped, checked, printed, and others.

Width of fabrics: 140 – 300 cm.

Fabrics weight: 80 – 800 g/m2

The minimum production requirements for linen fabric:

  • Samples for solid colour dyeing: 50m
  • Bulk solid colour dyeing: 300m
  • Sample for special weaving: 7m
  • Bulk special weaving: 300m

Home textile & Garments

We have an extentive selection of linen production to offer, including:

  • Bed linen – bedsheets, duvet covers, topsheets, pillowcases,in sets or single products;
  • Table linen – tablecloths, table runners, coasters, placemats and napkins;
  • Towels – kitchen, bath, sauna towels;
  • Curtains, cushions, plaids and other home accessories;
  • Garments – shirts, blouses, trousers, shorts, skirts, jackets, dresses, bathrobes, etc.

Production leadtime and minimum order quantity: 

  • Sample production lead time – 2 weeks
  • Bulk order production lead time –  6-8 weeks
  • Minimum order quantity depends on product. 

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